Are you eager to create your own business?
Is your mind full of ideas and you don’t know how to get started?
This is your BEST opportunity!

If you are interested in reaching your own knowledge through multidisciplinary investigation and feel passionate about exploring and entrepreneuring, if you want to learn to communicate within seconds, if you want to know how to search for similar profiles as yours… If you want to Start Up then, please be welcome to apply to our course!

You will learn how to empower teamwork, adapting to many disciplines through visual platforms, facilitating the communication and the interchange of experience and knowledge. Broaden your mind, interchange your innovative thinking with many other participants, create your own docent projects and your own entrepreneur initiatives.

We want to provide self-knowledge through actual tools, helping you to learn how to discern and how to design ground-breaking techniques. Establishing personal and collective academic and business systems will also be a point to consider.

Learn, in the end, to create your own strategies, using platforms and resources to optimize your inner personal perception and the collective one. Empower the creation of new business models, innovative and with direct application to real life.

To sum up, would you like to spend 10 days among 22 other European entrepeneurs? ​

During the course you will make friends from all over the European continent, you will discover new cultures and live an experience you won’t easily forget. You will live with 25 other crazy and amazing participants, discovering the day and night of Madrid from a new perspective. Break your moulds during what most likely will be the 10 most incredible and restless days of your summer!

I LOVE IT! What else do I need to know?

Dates: from the 15th to the 24th of July
Fee: 40€ (includes accommodation with the other 22 international participants and three meals everyday)
Deadline to apply: 4th of May
You must currently be a student of the Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid).

You should take these 10 days as if you were abroad since activities will be held continuously in a tight schedule to take the most of the experience. Activities will range from cultural visits, social games, a weekend trip outside of the city … and of course some amazing parties.

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